Wadi us-Salaam

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Wadi us-Salaam
Wadi us Salam.jpg
Country Iraq
City Najaf

Wadi us-Salaam (Arabic: وادي السلام), which literally means the Valley of Peace, is a cemetery located in Najaf, Iraq. The cemetery covers an area of 1485.5 acres and contains millions of bodies, making it one of the largest graveyards on earth. The graveyard holds importance in Shiite belief as it has been narrated that the souls of all faithful men and women shall be moved there, no matter where their bodies have been buried[1]. While on the contrary, the souls of the unfaithful shall dwell in Wadi-e-Barhoot.


The Shaykh Abu Muhammad Harun b. Musa b. Ahmad at-Talla`ukbari – may Allah support him – narrated to us. He said: Abu ‘l-`Abbas Ahmad b. Muhammad b. Sa`id al-Hamadani narrated to us. He said: Ja`far b. Abdullah al-`Alawi Abu `Abdillah al-Muhammadi narrated to us. He said: Muhammad b. Abi `Umayr narrated to us from Zayd an-Narsi from Abu Abdillah:

He said: I heard him saying: When it is day of Jum`a and the day of the two Eids, Allah commands Ridhwan, the treasurer of the Gardens, to call amongst the souls of the believers while they are in the courtyards of the Gardens that: Allah has given permission to you to visit your families and loved ones from the people of the world. Then Allah commands Ridhwan to bring every soul a she-camel from the she-camels of the Garden, upon which there is a collar of green chrysolite, and whose covering is of yellow moist sapphire. And upon the she-camels are saddles and veils of the fine silk brocade of the Gardens and its thick silk brocade. So they ride these she-camels, (and) the dress of the Garden is upon them, crowned with a crown of wet pearl, shining as the glittering star in the air of the sky from (the view) of one looking close to it, not from afar. So they gather in the courtyard, then Allah commands Jibra’il in regards to the people of the Heavens to face (or, meet) them. And the angels of every Heaven face them and see them off the next heaven. So they descend at the Wadi us-Salam, and it is a wadi at the back of Kufa, then they disperse to their countries and cities in order to visit their families who were with them in the realm of the dunya. And there are angels with them, turning their faces away from what they would dislike to look upon to what they love. And they visit the pits (graves) of the bodies so that what the people pray (on the dead bodies) and the people of the world go to their dwellings from their places of prayer, Jibra’il calls amongst them to depart to the chambers of the Gardens. So they depart.

He said: So a man in the gathering wept, and he said: May I be made your ransom, this is for the believer, so what is the state of the kafir? So Abu Abdillah said: Accursed bodies under the earth, in tracts of the Fire, and filthy, accursed spirits flowing to the Wadi Barhoot in a well of sulfur in filthy, accursed mounts. That brings fright and terrors to the accursed, filthy bodies under the earth in the tracts of the Fire. So it is of the status of the sleeper when it sees the terrors. So those bodies do not cease to be frightened, ill-natured, and those spirits punished with the types of punishment in the types of the mounts, vexatious, accursed, shackled, imprisoned in it, not seeing a soul nor relief until the sending of our Qa’im. So Allah will gather them from those mounts, and they will return in the bodies. And that is during the proclamations. So he will strike their necks, then they will go to the Fire, forever and ever, and aeon of aeons.[2]

Personalities Buried


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