Salma bint Amr

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Salma bint Amr
Father Amr ibn Zaid
Mother Umayrah bint Sakhr
Husband Hashim ibn Abd Munaf
Children Abd al-Muttalib and Ruqayyah bint Hashim
Salma bint Amr (Arabic: سلمى بنت عمر‎) was the fifth wife of Hashim ibn Abd Munaf and thus was the great grandmother of Prophet Muhammad. She was the daughter of Amr ibn Zaid[1] of the Banu Najjar clan and was also one of the most influential women of her time. She was active in trading and dealing with the caravans on her own behalf.


Salma was a virtuous woman who had obtained a divorce from her last husband and was not prepared to remarry. Hashim while returning from one of his journeys to Syria, stayed over in Yathrib (present day Medina) where he proposed to Salma.[2] She was impressed by his character and the influence he had within the tribe of Quraysh. However, being a women of power and tribal prestige herself, she desired to accept the marriage proposal under two conditions. One being that he let her remain in her home town of Yathrib, allowing her to control her own affairs and business. The second condition being that at the time of giving birth to a child she should be amongst her own people. Hashim accepted the conditions and though Salma spent some time in Makkah with Hashim, she continued to live primarily in Yathrib. At the time of her child-birth, she returned to Yathrib and gave birth to a son who later became known as Abd al-Muttalib.

She also gave birth to a daughter, Ruqayyah, who died before she attained puberty.


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