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The Brotherhood of Ansar and Muhajir refers to the efforts of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) a few months after migration to rehabilitate the immigrants in Medina, and to integrate them into the economic and social life of the city. This was done by pairing each of the Muhajirun with the Ansar and making then "brothers".

Muhajir Brothers of the Ansari

Muhajir Ansari
Ammar ibn Yasir Hudhayfa al-Yamani
Abu Bakr Kharja ibn Zayd
Umar ibn al-Khattab Utban ibn Malik
Uthman ibn Affan Aws ibn Thabit
Abu Dharr al-Ghiffari Al-Mundhir ibn Amr
Mas'ab ibn Umayr Abu Ayyub
Abu Obaydah Aamer al-Jarrah Saad ibn Maadh
Zubayr ibn al-Awwam Salama bin Waqsh
Abdur Rahman ibn Awf Sa'ad ibn Rabi
Talha bin Obaidullah Ka'ab ibn Malik
Miqdad ibn Amr Abdullah ibn Rawahah
Salman al-Farsi Abu Darda

After pairing up more than 100 of the immigrants from Makkah to the Ansar of Medina, Imam Ali was left peerless. At this he asked the Prophet about his state to which the Prophet responded by taking him as his own brother. Even though both the Prophet and Imam Ali were Muhajir, he still chose him to be his brother. In doing so, he was accenting the extraordinary position and special status of Imam Ali in Islam.[1] Different narrations [2][3][4] describing the event are recorded in books; one variation is as follow:

قال علي: لقد ذهب روحي وانقطع ظهري حين رأيتك فعلت بأصحابك ما فعلت غيري فإن كان هذا من سخط علي فلك العتبى والكرامة فقال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم: والذي بعثني بالحق ما أخرتك إلا لنفسي وأنت مني بمنزلة هارون من موسى غير أنه لا نبي بعدي وأنت أخي ووارثي، قال: وما أرث منك يا رسول الله؟ قال: ما ورثت الأنبياء من قبلي، قال: وما ورثت الأنبياء من قبلك؟ قال: كتاب ربهم وسنة نبيهم، وأنت معي في قصري في الجنة مع فاطمة بنتي وأنت أخي ورفيقي

Ali said: `O Messenger of Allah! My soul has expired, and my spine has been broken, having seen what you have done for your companions while leaving me alone. If this is a sign of your anger with me, then I complain only to you and beg your pardon.' The Messenger of Allah said: `I swear by the One Who sent me to convey the truth about Him, I have not spared you except for my own self. You are to me like Aaron to Moses, except there will be no Prophet after me. You are my Brother, heir and companion.' `Ali (as) asked him: `What shall I inherit from you?' He (pbuh) answered: `Whatever Prophets before me left for those who inherited them: the Book of their Lord, and the Sunnah of their Prophet. You will be my companion in my house in Paradise together with my daughter Fatima. You are my Brother and Companion.' Then he, peace be upon him and his progeny, recited the verse: They are brethren seated conveniently facing each other.


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