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Ayaam al-Baydh (Arabic: أيام البيض; The Luminous Days) are the 13th, 14th and 15th of the month of Rajab, Sha'ban and Ramadhan. Imam Jafar al-Sadiq (as) had been quoted to have said, "Whoso prays during the nights of Ayyam al-Baydh, in fact, stands at the door of superabundant favors, bounties and benefits available in these months."[1]

Recommended Acts

It is highly desirable to fast on the these days, have a ghusl each day, and give alms in the way of Allah (swt). During the nights, it is highly recommended to pray as 12 Rak'ah prayer as follow:

  1. On the night of the 13th pray 2 Rak'ah: In each Rak'ah recite Surah al-Fatiha, Surah al-Yaseen and Surah al-Mulk
  2. On the night of the 14th pray 4 Rak'ah: in 2 sets of 2 Rak'ah, each exactly as 1
  3. On the night of the 15th pray 6 Rak'ah: in 3 sets of 2 of 2 Rak'ah, each exactly as 1

On the night of 15th Rajab, recite the Ziyarat of Imam Husain ibn Ali (as) prescribed for the month of Rajab and then recite a 12 Rak'ah prayer in 6 sets of 2 each as follow:

In reach rak'ah recite Surah al-Fatiha 4 times, Surah al-Ikhlaas 4 times, Surah al-Falaq 4 times, Surah al-Kafiroon 4 times, Surah al-Naas 4 times, Surah al-Qadr 4 times, Ayat al-Kursi 4 times, Tasbihaat al-Arbaa 4 times. After ending each set of prayer, recite the following 4 times:

الله الله ربي لا اشرك به شيئا ولا اتخذ من دونه وليا و ما شاء الله لا حول ولا قوة إلا بالله العلي العظيم

Allah! Allah! My Lord! I associate not anything with Him. I choose no protecting friend beside Him. That which Allah wills (come to pass). There is no might and no strength save in Allah, the Highest, the Almighty.

On the day of 15th Rajab, it is highly recommended to recite Salat of Salman al-Farsi. After the prayer recite the following Du'a:

لا إلهَ إلاّ اللّهُ وَحْدَهُ لا شَرِيكَ لَهُ، لَهُ الْمُلْكُ وَلَهُ الْحَمْدُ، يُحْيِي وَيُمِيتُ، وَهُوَ حَيٌّ لا يَمُوتُ، بِيَدِهِ الْخَيْرُ، وَهُوَ عَلَى كُلِّ شَيْءٍ قَدِيرٌ

There is no god save Allah, no one other than him; sovereignty belongs to Him. All praise is for Him alone, gives life, puts to death, (because) He is ever living, Immortal; in His hand is the good He is able to do all things.

Then recite:

إلهاً وَاحِداً أَحَداً فَرْداً صَمَداً، لَمْ يَتَّخِذْ صَاحِبَةً وَلا وَلَداً

The Lord Who is One, One and Only, Singular, and Besought by the all. He has betaken neither a wife nor a son.

It is then recommended to recite the general Ziyarat of Imam Husain prescribed for the month of Rajab and then one specifically prescribed for the 15th of Rajab. Then recite a 4 Rak'ah prayer in 2 sets of 2 each. After completing the prayer, recite the following Du'a:

اللهم يا مذل كل جبار ويا معز المؤمنين ، أنت كهفي حين تعييني المذاهب وأنت بارئ خلقي رحمة بي ، وقد كنت عن خلقي غنيا ، ولولا رحمتك لكنت من الهالكين ، وأنت مؤيدي بالنصر على أعدائي ، ولو لا نصرك إياي لكنت من المفضوحين . يا مرسل الرحمة من معادنها ومنشئ البركة من مواضعها ، يا من خص نفسه بالشموخ والرفعة ، فأولياءه بعزه يتعززون ، يا من وضعت له الملوك نير المذلة على أعناقهم ، فهم من سطواته خائفون . أسألك بكينونيتك التي اشتققتها من كبريائك ، وأسألك بكبريائك التي اشتققتها من عزتك ، وأسألك بعزتك التي استويت بها على عرشك ، فخلقت بها جميع خلقك ، فهم لك مذعنون ، أن تصلي على محمد وأهل بيته

O my Allah! O He who puts the proud tyrants to shame! O He who glorifies the faithfuls! Thou was my choice at once when I came across many schools of thought (religions), Thou brought me into existence, a favour to me, though Thou was able to dispense with my creation, not needing me at all. If not for Thy mercy I am of those who perish. Thou makes available reliable support to have an upper hand over my adversaries. If not for Thy help I am of those who shatter and break into pieces.

O He who sends forth mercy from its permanent self-generating origin, and brings out blessing from its depository.

O He who has reserved for Himself that which is the highest, and the loftiest, so His intimate friends, on account of His might, vie in honour and glory. O He before whom bend low the rulers, their necks burdened with the yoke of disgrace and abasement, panic-stricken, scared stiff, in awe of His absolute power.

I beseech Thee in the name of Thy Supreme Being that derives its meaning from Thy timeless eternal greatness, I beseech Thee in the name Thy timeless eternal Greatness that derives its meaning from Thy omnipotent authority; I beseech Thee in the name of Thy omnipotent authority with which Thou occupied the Arsh, and created all that which has been created by Thee; so they, unto Thee, are very obedient, to send blessing on Muhammad and on the people of his house.


  1. The Prayer's Almanac, English version of the Mafatih al Jinan, page 269
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