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Adnan ibn Adad
Born In Hejaz
Died In Yemen
Son Adnan had 10 sons. The best known amongst them was Ma'dd
Adnan ibn Adad (Arabic: عدنان‎) is the progenitor of the Adnani Arabs of northern, central and western Arabia and is an ancestor of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). The Adnani Arabs spoke languages that are collectively now known as old north Arabic which became the predecessor of classical Arabic.


He was born in Hejaz and traces his genealogical history to Prophet Ismael (as) however there is discrepancy on the names and number of descendants after Ismael before they reach Adnan. He has been described as a handsome person and from his childhood, he manifested an exemplary character. He is credited with ordering a cloth cover to be made for the Ka'ba and thus became the first to provide a cover to the structure.[1]

During the raid of the Caledonian monarch Nebuchadnezzar against the Arabs, Adnan's men started to flee away rendering him unable to resist the raid. He discreetly left Hejaz and settled down in Yemen and died there shortly.[2]


A family tree illustrating the descendants from Adnan to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

The genealogy from Adnan to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) comprises of 21 generations.


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