Abbas ibn Abd al-Muttalib

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Abbas ibn Abd al-Muttalib
Born 567
Death 655
Buried Jannat ul Baqi
Spouse Lubaba bint al-Harith
Father Abd al-Muttalib
Abbas ibn Abd al-Muttalib (Arabic: العباس بن عبد المطلب‎) was the paternal uncle of Prophet Muhammad and also a companion. He was three years older than the Prophet and was a wealthy merchant by profession in Makkah. He spent 56 years of his life during the pre-Islamic period of jahiliyya (age of ignorance) and 32 years in Islam.[1] It was his descendants who later found the Abbasid dynasty in the year 750.



The single grave on the top is of Abbas ibn Abd al-Muttalib

Abbas was a half-brother of Prophet Muhammad's (pbuh) father. He was married to Lubabah bint al-Harith who was one of the earliest women to accept Islam. Abbas had kept his conversion to Islam hidden and only openly declared it after the conquest of Makkah. He was a person who exhibited great kindness towards his relatives and thus found himself to be an object of praise and commendation of the noble Prophet, who lauded him by saying “Abbas Ibn 'Abdul Muttalib is the most generous and benevolent towards his relatives from amongst all the Quraish.”[2]

He is buried in the graveyard of Baqi in the city of Medina, Saudi Arabia.


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